Bicep workouts for mass

What is exactly the very first muscle that you consider when you consider bodybuilding? The biceps! Having huge, strong biceps marks you as a devoted workout fanatic.

However, what do you do if your biceps do not develop the way they should? Or if you merely wish to develop them as big and strong as possible as rapidly as possible?

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Biceps workout for mass

We are going to show you the secret workout method that assisted us in going from 13 1/2-inch arms to 18-inch arms in the very first 2 years of training. And all it takes is one single repetition!

Let us simply begin by informing you that, personally, our biceps have actually constantly been amongst the weakest and slowest-to-develop body parts. Some individuals have the genes to quickly develop huge, strong biceps. Not in this case! We have actually needed to develop training methods to blast past these constraints and have actually needed to defend every inch on the arms. The point of us informing you this is that we are not someone for which simply anything will develop huge biceps. The training methods need to be truly effective to see outcomes.

The method we will show you works the biceps so completely therefore strongly, your biceps will have no option, however, to obtain larger and more powerful.

After all this accumulation, you are most likely questioning simply what type of complex workout strategy this is!

The reality is, this strategy is so basic regarding be downright classy in its simpleness. So, what is this workout? It is the flexed arm hang.

The flexed arm hang is simple, however, it gives you a variety of extremely effective advantages that make it a perfect workout for stacking muscle mass on the biceps.

To totally comprehend the advantages of the workout, you should initially find out the best ways to do it too effectively concentrate on the biceps.

Ways to do it:

In a nutshell, you will be merely holding the upper position of a chin-up for as long as possible! Here is the detailed description of the procedure …

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  1. Grab a chin-up bar with a palms-looking-at-you grip. Your hands need to have to do with 6 inches apart on the bar. You wish to keep them relatively close together to make the most of the stress on the biceps.
  2. Next, you will have to obtain the upper position of a chin-up. You can do this by basing on a bench or pulling yourself up into position. Our choice is to begin by basing on a bench. This permits you to obtain the established position exactly and intentionally.
  3. For body position to optimize bicep work, you will wish to have your eyes level with the bar, with your face extremely near to the bar (nearly touching it, in truth). Keep your body as vertical as possible and attempt not to let your body lean in reverse. The more vertical you remain, the more stress will go onto the biceps instead of the back.
  4. Now comes the job … hold that position for as long as you can! Strain your biceps hard and hold that position up until your biceps begin to become weak. Now battle gravity WHILE you are going down. Do not let your body drop rapidly, however, attempt your absolute best to hold your position as gravity pulls you down. Even when you are nearly at the extreme bottom with your arms nearly direct, still attempt your finest to keep holding. Go till you cannot even hang onto the bar any longer!

That is the workout. Not too complex! If you know X-Rep or Fixed Contraction training, this principle is basically the very same. Hold the contracted position of a workout for as long as possible! Here are the advantages:

  1. Holding the contracted position of this workout for as long as you can train practically every readily available muscle fiber in the biceps. It is an emergency scenario to the body and it will fire every fiber it can. The fully-contracted position engages the most of the muscle fibers.
  2. This workout puts constant stress on the biceps for the whole period of the workout. Constant top-level stress will work marvels on your biceps.
  3. The workout utilizes your bodyweight and moves your body around the resistance during your body going down (like a chin-up) instead of the resistance around your body (like a barbell curl). Workouts that move your body have actually been revealed to trigger more muscle fibers than workouts that move the resistance.
  4. The extremely intensive, multiple-muscle nature of this workout promotes, even more, development in the biceps than workouts that work the biceps in seclusion (which most bicep workouts do, even the gold basic barbell curl).
  5. It needs nearly no devices and can essentially be done anywhere you can grip on and hang from.

If you integrate all 5 of these effective advantages, you have a workout that promotes the optimal variety of muscle fibers, with constant stress, utilizing a substance workout that moves your bodyweight and needs an extremely minimum number of devices.

So how do you maximize this exceptionally effective biceps-building workout? Complete every exercise with one single repetition of the flexed arm hang. One repetition is all you require as that 1 repetition will work most of your bicep muscle fibers.


You can likewise include resistance by holding a dumb bell between your feet or using weighted dip belt. The prospective gains in size and strength are significant!

If you make a routine to do one single extreme repetition of this procedure at the end of each and every exercise, we ensure you will see exceptional bicep development and advancement.

When you have actually done one great repetition of this workout, you will understand you have actually ejected every last drop of bicep development from your body!